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New Performance Video of Michael Cascio Trio

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Click here to see video clip of my trio performing at one of Chicago’s top special event manager showcases on the Anita Dee cruise ship at Navy Pier! Check out my new photos in the gallery page or click the thumbnail below. –MC

Michael Cascio Jazz Trio

Here you see my jazz trio performing for a diverse group of Chicago's special event managers – no 'elevator style' back ground music here – this was a special concert, and we were going for it! photography ©

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Overwhelming Concert at Victory Gardens Biograph Theater!

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Many of my musician and club friends know me as “Miguel” Cascio, and being a member of Guitarra Azul – with a world class line-up of musicians and dancers from around the globe – has been a wonderful and inspirational journey for me the past couple of years… with two albums under our belt, and just returning from a short performance adventure in California, this concert was a very special landmark for me and the entire group… the chemistry of this group and it’s artistry on this night was magic… 
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Concert @ Victory Gardens Biograph Theater

Michael "Miguel" Cascio performs with Guitarra Azul in concert at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater Chicago!! photography ©

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Successful California gig!

Monday, April 6th, 2009

We are back from Long Beach California after  ”The Cellar” performance. Check out some of our group photos!  Our friend Luis Villegas (see gallery) ‘sat in’ and performed with the group. Luis’ artistry has had a big influence on our groups direction, and it was great to collaborate with him for this California performance date. On a personal note, after performing with him, I had a very insightful conversation about composing music in this passionate genre…

Miguel with Guitarra Azul friends in California

Guitarra Azul friends at The Cellar, Long Beach, CA, one time performance.

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